1PZ O6P-RS3 Racing CDI Ignition Coil Spark Plug Replacement for Honda Xr Crf Crf50 Xr50 Xr70 Xr80 Xr100

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▶ This is a great replacement for a stock coil or a good upgrade when installing other performance parts.
Ignition Coil:
This coil can improve combustion efficiency, strengthen electrical performance.
Products Intensive Spark
Color : Orange
Wire Length : 16"
Total Length With 145 Degree Cap : 19"
Weight (kg) : 0.14
Easy to install Stable characteristics high reliability A7TC Spark Plug:
Material: Metal
Length: 7cm (2.7 inch)
Metal Thread Diameter: 10mm
Hex Size: 5/8''
Models: A7TC
Replaces the following Plugs:
AC CDI BOX: Orange
Connector: 6 Pin male plug.
AC Fired
CDI dimension: 66mm x 38mm x 41mm (23mm orange part + 18mm white part) (L x W x H).
The orange CDI is a ignition module that has no rev limit & also has a single stage advanced timing circuit,
this means that you can get a faster response to RPM acceleration and a higher RPM limit at top end if you use the orange CDI.
New high performance racing ignition coils fits honda models:
ATC110, ATC 110, ATC-110 (1985)
ATC125M, ATC 125M, ATC-125M, ATC125-M, ATC 125 M, ATC 125-M (1985)
ATC200M, ATC 200M, ATC-200M, ATC200-M, ATC 200 M, ATC200X, ATC 200X, ATC-200X, ATC200-X, ATC
200 X, ATC 200-X (1985-1987)
ATC250ES, ATC 250ES, ATC-250ES, ATC250-ES, ATC250 ES, ATC 250-ES (1985-1987)
ATC250R, ATC 250R, ATC-250R, ATC250-R, ATC 250 R, ATC 250-R (1985-1986)
ATC250SX, ATC 250SX, ATC-250SX, ATC250-SX, ATC 250 SX, ATC 250-SX (1985-1987)
ATC350X, ATC 350X, ATC-350X, ATC350-X, ATC 350 X, ATC 350-X (1985-1986)
CB125TT, CB 125TT, CB-125TT, CB125-TT, CB 125 TT, CB 125-TT (1990)
CB50R, CB 50R, CB-50R, CB50-R, CB 50 R, CB 50-R (2004)
CH125, CH 125, CH-125, Elite (1984)
CH150, CH 150, CH-150, CH150D, CH150-D, Elite DeLuxe 150 (1985 - 1987)
CH80, CH 80, CH-80 Elite (1985)
CH250, CH 250, CH-250 (1895-1988)
CMX250C, CMX 250C, CMX-250C, CMX250-C, CMX 250 C, CMX 250-C, Rebel (1985-1987)
CMX250CD, CMX 250CD, CMX-250CD, CMX250-CD, CMX 250 CD, CMX 250-CD (1986)
CN250, CN 250, CN-250, Helix (1986-1987)
EZ90, EX 90, EZ-90 (1991-1996)
FL350R, FL 350R, FL-350R, FL350-R, FL 350 R, FL 350-R (1985)
GB500, GB 500, GB-500 (1989-1990)
NB50, NB 50, NB-50 (1986-1987)
NB50M, NB 50M, NB-50M, NB50-M, NB 50 M, NB 50-M (1985)
NH80, NH 80, NH-80, Aero (1985)
NH125, NH 125, NH-125, Lead (1984)
NQ50, NQ 50, NQ-50 (1984)
NQ50, NQ 50, NQ-50 (1984-1987)
NQ50D, NQ 50D, NQ-50D, NQ50-D, NQ 50 D, NQ 50-D (1986)
NX125, NX 125, NX-125, Transcity Dual Sport (1988-1990)
NX250, NX 250, NX-250 (1988-1990)
SB50, SB 50, SB-50, SB50P, SB50-P, SB-50P, Elite E (1988-1990)
SE50, SE 50, SE-50, SE50P, SE-50P, SE50-P, Elite Scooter (1987)
TR200 TR 200, TR-200 (1986-1987)
TRX200, TRX 200, TRX-200, TRX200D, TRX-200D, TRX200-D, ATV (1990-1997)
TRX200, TRX 200, TRX-200, TRX200SX, TRX 200SX, TRX-200SX, TRX200-SX, TRX 200 SX, TRX 200-SX
TRX250, TRX 250, TRX-250 (1985-1987)
TRX250EX, TRX 250EX, TRX-250EX, TRX250-EX, TRX 250 EX, TRX 250-EX (2001-2005)
TRX250R, TRX 250R, TRX-250R, TRX250-R, TRX 250 R, TRX 250-R (1986-1989)
TRX250TE, TRX 250TE, TRX-250TE, TRX250-TE, TRX 250 TE, TRX 250-TE (2002-2013)
TRX250TM, TRX 250TM, TRX-250TM, TRX250-TM, TRX 250 TM, TRX 250-TM (2002-2013)
TRX300, TRX 300, TRX-300, TRX300-EX, TRX 300 EX, TRX 300-EX, Sportrax 300EX ATV (1993-2006)
TRX300, TRX 300, TRX-300, Fourtrax 300 ATV (1988-1992)
TRX300FW, TRX 300FW, TRX-300FW, Fourtrax 300 ATV (1988-1992)
TRX350, TRX 350, TRX-350 (1986-1987)
TRX350D TRX 350D, TRX-350D, TRX350-D, TRX 350 D, TRX 350-D (1987-1989)
TRX350FE, TRX 350FE, TRX-350FE, TRX350-FE, TRX 350 FE, TRX 350-FE (2000-2006)
TRX350FM, TRX 350FM, TRX-350FM, TRX 350 FM, TRX 350-FM (2000-2006)
TRX350TE, TRX 350TE, TRX-350TE, TRX350-TE, TRX 350 TE, TRX 350-TE (2000-2006)
TRX350TM, TRX 350TM, TRX-350TM, TRX350-TM, TRX 350 TM, TRX 350-TM (2000-2006)
TRX400FW, TRX 400FW, TRX-400FW, TRX400-FW, TRX 400 FW, TRX 400-FW (1995-2003)
TRX450ES, TRX 450ES, TRX-450ES, TRX450-ES, TRX 450 ES, TRX 450-ES (1998-2001)
TRX450FE, TRX 450FE, TRX-450FE, TRX450-FE, TRX 450 FE, TRX 450-FE (2002-2004)
TRX450FM, TRX 450FM, TRX-450FM, TRX450-FM, TRX 450 FM, TRX 450-FM (2002-2004)
TRX450S, TRX 450S, TRX-450S, TRX450-S, TRX 450 S, TRX 450-S (1998-2001)
TRX70, TRX 70, TRX-70 (1986-1987)
TRX90, TRX 90, TRX-90 (1993-2005)
XL200R, XL 200R, XL-200R, XL200-R, XL 200 R, XL 200-R (1984)
XL250, XL 250, XL-250, XL250R, XL250-R, Dual Sport (1984-1987)
XL350, XL 350, XL-350, XL350R, XL350-R, Dual Sport (1984-1985)
XL600, XL 600, XL-600, XL600R, XL600-R, Dual Sport (1983-1987)
XR200R, XR 200R, XR-200R, XR200-R, XR 200 R, XR 200-R (1984-1988, 1990-1991, 1993-2002)
XR250L, XR 250L, XR-250L, XR250-L, XR 250 L, XR 250-L (1991-1996)
XR250R, XR 250R, XR-250R, XR250-R, XR 250 R, XR 250-R (1984-2004)
XR350, XR 350, XR-350, XR350R, XR350-R, Off Road (1985)
XR500, XR 500, XR-500, XR500R, XR500-R, Off Road (1983-1984)
XR600, XR 600, XR-600, XR600R, XR600-R, Off Road (1985-1990)
Replaces OEM #'s :
30510-GR2-405, 30510-GN3-670, 30510-HF1-670, 30510-HC4-000, 30510-GR2-010, 30510-GR1-000,
30510-GN3-700, 30510-KB9-750, 30510-KG0-003, 30510-KG8-670, 30510-KN5-670, 30510-GE1-670,
30510-MG3-003, 30510-KS4-000, 30510-KN7-670, 30510-KY7-940, 30500-KJ9-003, 30500-KY7-000
Package Includes:
1 X Ignition Coil With Wire and 120 Degree Cap + AC CDI BOX 6PIN + Spark Plug A7TC
Quality Ensured:
30 Days Warranty, Money Back Guarantee,
No Risk, No Hassle
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