1PZ AT1-CW1 Ignition Coil Wire Cable Spark Plug Cap Replacement for Honda ATC 110 A 1981 1982 1983 1984 3 Wheeler Trike ATV

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90 Degree Elbow
Voltage: 12 volts  
Single Output 
Spark plug cap resistance: ≈4.96KΩ
Measuring 1PZ primary coil: ≈0.4~0.5Ω 
Measuring 1PZ secondary coil: ≈5.12KΩ 
Mounting points (center to center): 60mm
The spark plug cap is removable, just twist it off and can be use on any other different degree spark plug caps.   
 Use a multimeter:
Primary resistance test, attach both positive multimeter lead and negative multimeter lead on the primary sides(input sides of the ignition coil).   
Secondary resistance test, negative lead on the output side(wire without the spark plug cap) and positive lead on the primary sides (both primary sides should get the same reading on the multimeter).  
Now you can twist the spark plug cap(or your old cap) back on(tightly) to do the secondary resistance test again. It should add another 5-10k ohms to the reading. 
If Spark Plug Cap is defected or you needed a different degree Spark Plug Cap.Just twist it off and reuse your old Spark Plug Cap or any others! Thank you!  
 Fits Modles:
1984 Honda ATC110     --  
1983 Honda ATC110     -- 
1982 Honda ATC110     --  
1981 Honda ATC110     -- 
1980 Honda ATC185     --  
1983 Honda ATC185S     -- 
1982 Honda ATC185S     --  
1981 Honda ATC185S     --  
1983 Honda ATC200   -- 
1982 Honda ATC200   --  
1985 Honda ATC200M     --  
1984 Honda ATC200M     --  
1984 Honda ATC200S     --  
1984 Honda ATC250R     --  
1983 Honda ATC250R     --  
1982 Honda ATC250R     --  
1981 Honda ATC250R     --  
1985 Honda XL250 Motosport 250  
1984 Honda XL250 Motosport 250  
1987 Honda XL250R  
1986 Honda XL250R     --  
1985 Honda XL250R     --  
1984 Honda XL250R     -- 
 This Package Includes:
1 x Ignition Coil  
 Quality Ensured: 
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