1PZ X02-20W Heavy Duty 8" inch 200x50 Scooter Inner Tubes for Razor E100, E150, E200, Power Core E100, Dune Buggy, ePunk, Crazy Cart, PowerRider 360, eSpark

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▶ fits other scooter brands that come with tire size 200x50. (8"x 2" outer diameter)
Quality and Durability.
Material: Isobutylene Isoprene Butyl Rubber
Colour: Black
Size: 200x50 8”x2” inches
Use the crowbars open the side of the tire, inner tube out, install the new into it.
Compatible with the following scooter models:
Razor E100 & E125
Razor E200
Razor E-Punk
Amplifier A7
BladeZ XTR Lite, eLite 250
BladeZ Ion 250
Bravo Black Box
City Bug
City Bug Helper
E-Scooter w/8x2 tires
Force 250
GT 250 & Mini-E
GT Kobra HCF 701
HCF 705
Mongoose M250
Salorr Black Box
Salorr E3007
Salorr FS102A
Schwinn S-150 Stingray
Schwinn Mini-E
Spartan Sport
Storm 350
Street Jammer
Tomb Raider Tornado
Vapor II x24
Viza Volt 200W
Wal-Mart M150
Z Scooter Z Cruiser
Z Scooter Z Rider
Z Scooter Z Turbo
Z Scooter Z Lightning
Zappy Original Scooter
Zappy Turbo Scooter
ZZ Rider
ZZ Cruiser
Package Includes:
2 x Inner Tube (Including American Flag Cap)
Quality Ensured:
30 Days Warranty, Money Back Guarantee,
No Risk, No Hassle
They Are Nicely Packed In A 1PZ Brand Gift Box.
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