1PZ OY2-B5R Performance Racing CDI UNIT Coil 110cc 125cc 140cc PIT Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy

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Performance Racing Ignition Coil:
120 Degree Elbow
Voltage: 12 volts
Single Output
Comes with a Free 120 Degree Cap. If you needed a longer or different cap, Just unscrews it and re-use your exciting cap.
Performance Racing CDI BOX:
It eliminates rev-limit that keeps your bike restricted
It gives 5~10 miles speed boost on your bike.
5 Pin connection, AC Fired, single connector.
Blue Aluminum Body.
Speed Boost on Your Bike.
Resets Ignition Advance Curve for Better Acceleration.
AC fired Advanced timing curves Improve throttle response Easy Plug-In installation Increased Ignition energy intensity for easy starting and smooth riding Unlimited Version, removed factory rev-limiter to reveal the true potential of your engine
Reset your ignition advance curve for better acceleration, up to 10% acceleration boost
Spark Plug Feature:
Material : Aluminum
Thread: M10x1
Reach: 12.7 mm
Hex: 16mm
Seat Type: Flat
Gap: 1.1mm
Heat Range: 7
Electrode Type: J Type
Strong Long life High Quality Racing Spark Plug with High Performance Triple Electrode Head.
1. In the GY6 6-plug set-up. You have AC if you have 3-wires going into the 4-plug side and
2-wires going into the 2-plug side. On the other hand, you have DC if you have the larger
CDI box, 3 or 4 wires going into the 4-plug side and only 1-wire going into the 2-plug side.
2. If headlights turn on without the engine running(with just the key on), it is a DC system.
In the AC system, turning headlights on require the engine to be running. Another indication is,
if the engine will only runs with a battery it is DC. If it will runs without a battery, it is a AC system.
This Package Includes:
1 x Ignition Coil
1 x Spark Plug
Quality Ensured:
30 Days Warranty, Money Back Guarantee,
No Risk, No Hassle
They Are Nicely Packed In A 1PZ Brand Gift Box.
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