1PZ ITX-RFS Heavy Duty 10" Inch Tyre Tire & Tube Bent Valve Stem 10x2 / 10x2.125

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▶ Heavy Duty Quality and Durability.
Bent Valve Stem
Material : Isobutylene Isoprene Butyl Rubber
Maximum recommended air pressure is 40 PSI.
For Swagcycle , Swagcycle Pro, or Swagtron Folding Electric Bicycle Rear Tire & Inner Tube
For Electric Scooters, for 10" x 2" Inner tube (10x2) + 10" x 2" Tire
For Schwinn 3-wheel Tricycle Kids Bicycles & Baby Stroller
Suitable for kids bikes, strollers, electric scooters, tricycles, 3 wheelers, and many more items.
Inner Tube will fit the following tyre:
10 x 1.75
10 x 1.90
10 x 1.95
10 x 2
10 x 2.125
10 1/2x2 1/4
Rim Size 6" Inch
Use the crowbars open the side of the tire, inner tube out, install the new into it.
This Package Includes:
1 x Tire 1 x Inner Tube
Quality Ensured:
30 Days Warranty, Money Back Guarantee,
No Risk, No Hassle
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